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Keep up with what is going on at our clinic. Here we will post about events, changes, healthcare changes, insurance info, and anything else we think could be interesting to you as a patient or potential patient.

We always appreciate feedback from our patients, here is a thoughtful letter we recently received from a patient...

I wanted to thank you for the excellent physical therapy you and your organization gave to Diane during the last year. We left Riverside somewhat unexpectedly and did not get a chance to thank you in person. You might recall that I mentioned some time ago that it would be relatively easy to replace our CA doctors in NY but difficult to replace you with your consciencious and intuitive therapy. We will be returning sometime in the winter months to visit Diane's daughter and will stop by and say hello. Once again thank you.

...and a very kind review that was posted on Yelp!

"This place is amazing. The staff are kind and understanding. I took my son there and Trevyn the physical therapist was amazing. He was very patient with my boy and was willing to work with us to make sure my sons mobility Improved. I highly recommend this place!"

If you need a recommendation for a specialist ask Trevyn.

If you achieved great results at Brockton PT and enjoyed your time with us we would love to hear from you. You can email us through our contact page or you can post a review.