Industrial Services

Following the WorkSteps Protocol we are able to help companies reduce costs and increase productivity. The occupational services we offer are designed to help employers qualify potential hires, reduce workplace injuries and determine when injured workers can safely return to work. The result is reduced medical expenses and injury claims and a decrease in work time missed due to injury. Below you will find more details about what specifically we can offer your company.
Brockton Physical Therapy | Industrial Medicine Services | WORKSTEPS Licensed Provider

Brockton Physical Therapy | Industrial Medicine Services | WORKSTEPS Licensed Provider

Pre-Employment Testing

We offer pre-employment testing to help determine if a new employee will be able to safely and effectively handle the physical tasks required in their new position. Included in this testing:

  • Medical history review
  • Strength measures
  • Dynamic lifting and progressive lifting tests
  • Cardiovascular measures
  • Essential job functions testing

Fit for Duty Testing

When an employee is injured it is important to ensure a safe return to work. In our fit for duty tests we can look at specific body parts that have been injured in the past to determine if a proper recovery has been made and reduce the likely hood of another injury. Fit for duty testing can also be done regularly to make sure employees maintain their ability to perform their essential job functions.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

A FCE is a full body comprehensive test used to measure an individual's ability to perform meaningful physical tasks. This test gives insight into how to match job tasks and work conditions with the individuals capabilities. The presence of a disability can also be determined from an FCE. Companies often value the data provided by FCE's for comparison purposes throughout an individual's employment duration.