As a general physical therapy clinic we treat an extensive list of conditions and injuries. We work with all ages from newborns to seniors with anything that relates to physical impairments or pain. To find out what we can do for you specifically we recommend you give us a call today. (951) 274-7744.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Children | Teens

Children and Teens

Fun and dynamic approaches to treatment keep our youngest patients engaged and enthusiastic about their progress. We understand the unique needs of a child in a therapy setting enabling us to achieve great orthopedic, developmental and neurological results.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Adults | Orthopedic

Adults - Orthopedics

Whether is is back or neck pain, soreness in the joints or a specific injury that is pre or post surgery; our patients count on us to help them become pain free. In dealing with these orthopedic conditions we provide extensive one on one therapy focused on restoring function, pain relief and patient education about their role in the healing process.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Adults | Neurological

Adults - Neurological

With these conditions our therapists develop plans to improve and maintain gait and balance while being mindful of the functional activities of daily life that must be preserved. Our goal is to keep patients independent of walking aides or wheelchairs but in cases where needed we assure proper fit and use.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Seniors


In an effort to keep seniors independent and doing the activities they love we promote overall fitness in addition to treating specific conditions. Our therapists are well aware of the affects aging can have on the body and while they can't make anyone younger they can certainly make you feel like you are.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Athletes


With athletes the goal is typically quick and complete recovery. Following a sports injury the focus is first on healing and prevention of any complications. This is followed by aggressive work to restore function and get the athlete back to game shape with little to no risk of re-injury.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Treatments | Wound Care

Wound Care

Wound care is the treatment of wounds that haven't started to heal in 2 weeks and/or haven't completely healed in 6 weeks. We will examine and measure your wound, check the blood flow in the area around the wound, determine why it's not healing and create a treatment plan to heal the wound while preventing it from getting worse.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

About 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which is defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. We provide a variety of non-invasive, drug-free treatment options for pain management. If you are suffering from chronic pain, try physical therapy first. There are no dangerous side effects. It may help you delay or even avoid surgery.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is the non-surgical evaluation and treatment of injuries and conditions of the upper extremity. Brockton Physical Therapy provides therapeutic interventions for individuals who may have been affected by an accident or trauma. Our goal is to prevent dysfunction, restore function and reverse the progression of upper extremity conditions.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Additional Services

Pelvic Health

We treat men's and women's urinary and fecal incontience, as well as pelvic pain/dysfunction. More than 5.5 Americans are affected by some form of pelvic floor problem. Common urinary incontinence conditions women may have are stress incontinence, overactive bladder and urge incontinence or mixed incontinence. While men may experience stress incontinence, urge incontinence or overflow incontinence. Fecal incontinence is the second most common pelvic floor disorder in both men and women.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Additional Services

Additional Services

We retail and bill insurance carriers for Sigvaris compression stockings. We also make custom and semi-custom orthotics and sell all braces, as well. We also provide acupressure treatments, cupping (popular among U.S. Olympic athletes, including the aquatic and track and field teams), kinesio taping, ergonomic assessment, functional capacity evaluations, pre-employment testing, work injuries, wheelchair assessment, weight loss, home exercise programs and more. Please call for more info about additional services.

Brockton Physical Therapy | Industrial Medicine Services | WORKSTEPS Licensed Provider
Brockton Physical Therapy | Kinesio Taping