"My first surgery will be after Thanksgiving. Honestly I'm in shock of how bad my case is, I'm really having a hard time emotionally, well also dealing with my pain and limited mobility each day. Thank you for your concern and your continued compassion. It's people like you that give me hope that one day I will be ok, when I have lost ALL HOPE! I have seen SO many Doctors, Specialists, Therapists for over 10 years, NO ONE has helped me more then you have! You are an AMAZING therapist! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"



I've been receiving treatments at your Brockton facility for about two months now.

I have been particularly struck by the positivity of your staff. They greet nearly everyone, whether working with that particular patient, or not. They help one another willingly, whether asked or not. They ask patients whether they need help. They access necessary tools for patients quickly. They could hardly be more helpful.

My own therapist, Christina, is a jewel! She stays current on my progress and status. She reassesses and adjusts when appropriate. She remembers my main goal and adapts treatments accordingly. Plus, she's another positive personality that nearly every other staffer seeks for advice or answers.

I managed large groups of people during my career. I found the old saying about "a bad apple" to be quite true: it truly spoils the barrel. You've achieved a rare success by avoiding such a situation and have, therefore, created a healing environment for your patients. That is not easily accomplished and cannot have been an accident. So my thanks and congratulations. Medical appointments are not, by nature, fun events. But you've minimized the apprehension by creating such a positive environment.

David C.

How can I say GRATEFUL in a million ways? After my first appointment with you I am able for the first time since March to walk normally on my feet. I can actually take a proper heel to ball step at this point. It takes my breath away and I want to cry because I haven't known or experienced this relief since March. It has weighed very heavily on my mind and body causing me not to be able to sleep, move much or participate much in life etc.

And the machine you SO GENEROUSLY placed on my leg for all the swelling---OH MY GOSH!!!! I am crying just thinking of how I am able to walk without feeling like my feet are broken. Not hunching over and hobbling is AMAZING and the pain relief is lasting! You are a God Send to my life! Thank you also for telling me about those pressure socks I was wearing improperly.

The air pressure thing you put on my left leg that allowed me to walk for the first time in almost two years without pain is priceless to me. I sleep literally about 2 or 3 hours per day due to being in pain. I lie in bed and usually cry because even being off my feet doesn't take the pain away. The percent of pain relief you have given me is SUCH A GIFT TO MY LIFE!!!

This place is amazing. The staff are kind and understanding. I took my son there and Trevyn the physical therapist was amazing. He was very patient with my boy and was willing to work with us to make sure my sons mobility Improved. I highly recommend this place!

Becky R.

Had therapy here in 2012... best place for therapy... had been to two others but the attention and help I received here was the best! More interactive and healing...

Dianne M.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent physical therapy you and your organization gave to Diane during the last year.& We left Riverside somewhat unexpectedly and did not get a chance to thank you in person. You might recall that I mentioned some time ago that it would be relatively easy to replace our CA doctors in NY but difficult to replace you with your conscientious and intuitive therapy. We will be returning sometime in the winter months to visit Diane's daughter and will stop by and say hello. Once again thank you.

I am a big proponent of exercise for my patients to help manage their arthritic conditions. I send my patients to Brockton Physical Therapy knowing that the staff there will develop an effective exercise program for each individual patient.

Dr. Babak Zamiri, M.D.

I am very happy with the care that is given at Brockton Physical Therapy. The staff there is very compassionate and has a real genuine concern for the well being of my patients.

Dr. S., M.D.